Where to get 'Masterplan'?

At Amazon, my primary store of choice:

Conquer Tools™

(From PART II of Masterplan Your Success)

Chapter 1: Lifetime Goals Masterspreadsheet™

The ​Lifetime Goals Masterspreadsheet™ is going to be ready for download soon. Check this site periodically or subscribe to our email list to get notified!

Chapter 2: GOAL Business Cards™

Also awaiting for the evolution of this community, the GOAL Business Cards™ will be professionally designed for you to download and we will potentially also have a printed version for you to purchase through Amazon. Stay tuned!

Chapter 3: SuccessTickets™

​Our SuccessTickets™are also under construction and will be professionally designed. For more information, subscribe to our list a the top of this page.

Chapter 4: Team Of Lifetime™

The Team Of Lifetime™ diagram chart is in the works and will be ready for prime time soon. More to follow, stay synthonized with us!

Chapter 5: Habits Workout Board™

You can use a whiteboard and simply chalk down your list as explained in the book. We will evaluate the demand, but we are also considering building a physical product for our supporters to purchase through Amazon. ​Updates are upcoming!

Chapter 6: PosterPlan™

A PosterPlan™ is also in consideration as a physical product but it can easily be build with a white poster board by the same size recommended on our book or on a standard 22 by 28 size as well. We are also gauging Masterplan's reception to consider the design of a physical product to be offered to our readers through Amazon as well. Spread the word, help us make it happen!

Chapter 7: Masterplan Deadlines Accountability Group™

THIS GROUP (CURRENTLY on Facebook but likely to be moved to a different platform or standalone website) is dedicated to helping you reach your goals by publicly posting and manifesting your intentions on when your goal is going to get done. Utilizing social pressure to lead you to truly put in the work necessary, the other members of the group will help hold you accountable for your goal and proclaimed deadline. You are responsible for posting, maintaining, updating, and most importantly meeting your goal at that specific time and date. Nothing short of your trustworthiness is at stake.

​Here’s how it works:


  1. You post your goal WITH a deadline defined. Deadlines can be defined by date or by time and date—up to you.

  2. You do the work it takes to reach your goal by that date and time.

  3. You come back to the group, nd your post, and update your progress as often as you wish until you reach your goal by or before the deadline you had set. ​


  • You can only change your deadline three times. After that, you are out. You may start another goal, but this one is considered failed.

  • Read other goals by other members and ask questions. Bug them about their progress but never be negative or turn them down.

  • Be accountable, honor your word, own your manifestation of goal and deadline, and cheer others on.

Learn more about the Masterplan Deadlines Accountability Group at:

Where to get 'Masterplan'?

At Amazon, my primary store of choice:

“The definite, ultimate, true secret of success is to give.”

—Ben Tolosa